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I've been trying to write coherently about Kerrville. It isn't happening. Here's this.

So, Kerrville. 

All I can say for sure is that when I got back from Kerrville two years ago I knew I had to get back there every year I could, contest or no contest. It's hard to explain without sounding like you've joined a cult. Maybe I have.

Maybe I should show you.

Apart from the gauntlet of getting there (man, is that ever another story), my first clear memory is from the next morning. Anna Tivel was at a picnic table, surrounded by other musicians, all leaning in to hear. I stopped dead in my tracks.

Here's why I wanted so desperately to get back down to Texas (click the title below):

One Thousand and One by Anna Tivel.

Songs From the Circle 4

Danny Gotham hosts the Songs From the Circle concert every year, and this year I got to be a part of it. I knew it would be good. I knew it would be fun. I didn’t expect to have to hang on to my jaw for two sets of solid country joy, spontaneity and chops.

Mike Babyak (dobro)

Tom Collins-Meltzer (guitar, vocal)

LaNelle Davis (guitar, vocal)

Julie Elkins (guitar, vocal)

Danny Gotham (guitar, mandolin, vocal)

Jeferson Hart (guitar, vocal)

Bobb Head (stand-up bass)

Jan Johansson (fiddle)

Stan Lewis (guitar, vocal)

Rebecca Newton (guitar, vocal)

Jim Roberts (drums and percussion)

Hank Smith (banjo)

Lindsey Tims (fiddle)

F.J Ventre (stand-up bass)

Jim Watson (of the Red Clay Ramblers – guitar and vocal)


This stuff is popping up on YouTube, and I recommend strongly you seek it out. Here's a start: 

Mr. Love

If I Needed You 

Your Cheatina’ Heart

Thank you Danny Gotham for putting this show together, and for letting me be a part of it. 


Kerrville 2013
Phots and details coming soon. In the meantime, suffice it to say it was the peak musical experience of my life, and I hope to find a way back every year until I'm too brittle to travel. I want me some more of THAT.