The Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Contest Winners

Doodad Farm, 4701 Land Rd, Greensboro, North Carolina 27406

From the facebook event:

We always say we have the best musicians around performing here at Doodad Farm, but this time we can prove it.

The North Carolina songwriting community was thrilled in 2015 when Pittsboro-based Wes Collins was one of the six winners of the prestigious Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Contest. Wes had already been making waves around here, having won the 2012 NC Songwriters' Co-op competition and wowed audiences with his solid performances. His songs are deep, reflective, yet always warm and welcoming.

Wes and the other five Kerrville winners have made the most of their joint success, touring together all over the country. What we've done is harnessed the gravitational power of Wes Collins to pull in these other three magnificent songwriters. They'll perform "in the round," which means that they'll take turns playing songs, and maybe (since they're all buds) help each other out with some vocals and instrumentation. Since each performer only gets to play five or six songs, the audience is usually treated to their very best material.

We can't go into everyone's detailed history here, but very briefly we have:

Wes Collins, Pittsboro, MA Amy Kucharic, Somerville, MA Becky Warren, Nashville, TN Tom Meny,

If you've never been to a house concert here, well, it's very much like going to a family reunion. You walk right into our home, and there will be people here you know, and others you don't, but everyone will welcome you with open arms. You might place a casserole or bucket of chicken on the table and join others for dinner. We'll have chairs set out for everyone. You'll very likely get a chance to meet the musicians before or after the show, and they'd be happy to autograph their CDs for you. Sometimes folks might pick up a guitar and play a song or two after the show - it happens. You might get asked to help with chairs or move furniture or something. You might make some new friends or run across some old ones.

DONATIONS: We're asking folks to donate a minimum of $15 for this show. As always at Doodad Farm, EVERY CENT of your donations goes straight to the musicians. We host musicians not for our profit, but for fun and to support the arts community.

THIS SHOW IS IN THE FARMHOUSE, so it will happen rain or shine. We can only seat about 60 people, so please only sign up as "GOING" if you're pretty sure you're serious. If you change your mind, please change your status to reflect it.

POTLUCK: No obligation to participate, but if you want to bring a dish to share, please do. You're welcome to bring beverages of your choice whether you do the potluck or not. We supply the plates, bowls, cups, utensils, and all that stuff.

DETAILS and RESTRICTIONS: Sorry, no pets for this show, except of course service animals. Because this is an intimate show, we ask that everyone remain as quiet as possible during the performances. Smoking is allowed outside. You're welcome to bring your own beverages, but we can't guarantee we'll have space in the fridge for your six-pack, so bring a cooler if you need one. We do not allow weapons at Doodad Farm.